Steven Burton

Warning, Disturbing content ahead.

I could write a book on this subject because I am the guy who saw all you do it….

That is right, All of you.

You pretty girl digging your underwear out of your butt? I saw it.

You handsome guy picking up your women at work? I saw you sneeze violently, get snot all over your face, wipe it off with your hand and then shake hands with your women’s coworker when they came out.

Image Credit: Kumar Sonu

Late at work young people that think you’re alone? I saw you throw that burrito at your up-and-coming young executive buddy.

You office people. I know you’re married, just not to each other. I saw you park your car far away from the door of the office building and I see you both get in to the same car an hour after work every Thursday and come back two hours later so one of you can get back in your car and go home.

If you wouldn’t have looked so nervous, and if the women wouldn’t have parked so far from the door in the middle of winter I might not even have paid attention.

You business man. I saw you digging for gold in your nose.

Image Credit: Somyak Dhar

You lady that shows up at ATM every Tuesday to make a deposit?

I see you laughing and being friendly with the guy that escorts you when you walk up…….. and then I see you rolling your eyes and making faces as soon as you face away from him and are looking directly in to the ATM machine.

The funniest though is your delivery guy.

If you’re going to pick up women on your route please conduct your business before arriving at the dock doors.

I work security sometimes and I know a lot of things that everyone does, or at least a lot of people do, but no one admits to doing.

Image Credit: Internet

Cameras are everywhere folks. If you are in a public place or even your work place, you should always assume someone is watching…….

It just might be me.

Keshav Verma

Time: 2:30 am, suddenly I feel I need to pee . I get up from my bed and reach for the door. I open it. It’s dark outside.

I walk to the bathroom ( which is nearer to my parents room ). I pee. I flush. I wash my hands.

Now the dangerous part…

I need to go back to my room, which is like 21 steps away. I take a deep breath, ready myself & start running towards my room.


Because I know there’s a guy behind me who looks something like this…

I run for my life & quickly enter my room, without glancing back.

The next morning…

Mom: I think I heard you running in the house last night.

Me: Running? Me? Oh come on mom. Why would I run. It’s not like I was afraid of some imaginary ghost & I was running around in the house trying to outrun him. That would be so stupid.

Next night (2:30 am)

Me : Oh God, not again.

My bladder : Ready for another run you little pussy?

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