1. when ur phone lights up and you think ur getting a text but it’s just one of those “storage almost full” reminders @coolstorykals

2. i deleted about 50 videos and ended up with less storage than before @jinglebellos

Me: [literally deleting pictures]
Me: @roseIeaf

4. I’m out of space on my phone but there’s nothing I’m willing to delete @ChelseaMonAmour

5. when you delete 500+ pictures and your phone still says you don’t have enough storage @AhmediEsra

6. if i had a dollar 4 evry time i have pressed the done button on the pop up ‘you can manage your storage in settings’ @caylaamichelle

7. *deletes 60 pictures off phone* *goes to take a picture* “There is not enough available storage to take a photo” @ShesTinderella

8. my dad’s storage on his phone is full because every time he wears these sunglasses he takes a selfie… idk @edentefera00

9. i was telling my dad how i need a phone w more storage & all he said was”why dont u just back it up & delete it all” @lgbtallura

10. my storage is almost full so i gotta delete some pictures @wheeinsta