1. Clothes Swap Challenge

this_is_kevin7 / Via twitter.com

2. Cats breaking the laws of physics, they’re now putting power outlets in the floor

Fenn3x / Via reddit.com

3. Excuse me, would you mind not sitting like that please? Thanks.


4. Took a picture of my pizza on a cutting tray and the angle makes it look fucking huge.

Bronson2017 / Via reddit.com

5. What does this look like to you?

FaceofaLion / Via reddit.com

6. I’m seeing Tomato Elephants

jake_megabyte / Via reddit.com

7. I took this picture of the water but if you flip it it looks like I took a picture of the sky.

asiaboone12 / Via reddit.com

8. Two legged dog ?!

Rinaim / Via reddit.com

9. Stairs from the top. What a safety hazard!

ethan_kahn / Via reddit.com

10. I thought they were my legs

3spelledout / Via reddit.com

11. My man trying to work.


12. Line went right through the knife

ResaltedPepper / Via reddit.com

13. These 2 are meant for each other

theworstsailor1 / Via reddit.com

14. This is one unforgettable photo op. Looks like this elephant has a trunk that never ends

Streeb-Greebling / Via reddit.com

15. These plants look like tiny hands

lnAParallelUniverse / Via reddit.com

16. A tiny man on top of an unsuspecting woman

jaber-allen / Via reddit.com

17. She attracted the monster’s attention

IheartAnalBeads / Via imgur.com

18. Steel cup looks transparent inside this bowl

Gabenman / Via reddit.com

19. My shoe lace shadow looks like a man climbing a mountain.

htownaliens / Via reddit.com

20. I polished some marble tonight and a side looks as if it was missing.

mccarthybergeron / Via reddit.com

21. Whose head is that?


22. The way the vents are oriented makes it look like mirror symmetry is broken

fitzdrizzle / Via reddit.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: reddit.com, Rinaim / reddit