1. One must become the squirrel.


2. Girlfriend’s sister sent us this picture while she’s looking after our dog. It’s his first fall and I guess he’s excited about the leaves.

Rekkher / Via reddit.com

3. The creation of… something

whiteniteee / Via reddit.com

4. Sleeping Beauty

LadyChickenFingers / Via reddit.com

5. Everyday is a new weird thing with her

WhiterThanRice / Via reddit.com

6. When you want a nice picture but she decides to yawn instead

deedee089 / Via reddit.com

7. Why do chihuahuas always look like they are up to something shady

RedOrangeYellowGreen / Via reddit.com

8. This is how my dog likes to sit.

_r0si3 / Via reddit.com

9. Sometimes he just puts himself in timeout for no reason.

mrgreatwhope / Via reddit.com

10. This is my Boofhead. This is how she stands, all the time.

OtherwiseFortunate / Via reddit.com

11. Neighbor doggo stuck again

onemorecupof / Via reddit.com

12. After 3 hours at the dog park

3aquafina / Via reddit.com

13. Shoe box dog is done


14. 0_0

ormandasa / Via reddit.com

15. I think I’m in the wrong neighborhood

Scooter_Mcgavin587 / Via reddit.com

16. My GF said to me “Omg look behind you”. Was not dissapointed.

BlitzAceXIII / Via reddit.com

17. o◡o

-FreddyFazbear- / Via reddit.com

18. When you tell the one with no concept of personal space to sit.

chaostunes / Via reddit.com

More info: r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog, H/T BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: ormandasa / reddit, RedOrangeYellowGreen / reddit