1. This ex got the last laugh with this Bible verse
My ex texted me last night and said she couldn’t sleep.. i told her to look up Isaiah 48:22 (there is no rest for the wicked) lmao leave me alone

2. This girl’s ex wanted his prom money back, and he got it


3. This girl dressed up as commitment for Halloween and tagged all her exes
Happy halloween to everyone except my exes!!!!!!!


4. This ex sent back a brilliant error message


5. This person was not here for rekindling


6. This 11-year-old girl’s response to her ex is iconic
My 11 year old sister’s conversation with her ex. I’m deceased!


7. This guy tried to get to his ex, but wound up looking dumb
My ex just snapchatted me saying “look what I found in my wallet” and it was video of him throwing a Polaroid of me in the trash…… okay JOE ur the weirdo who kept a picture of me in your wallet for a year lmao

8. This ex’s clapback was simple but hilarious


9. This clapback had no words, but burned just as hard


10. This person answered her ex in bullets
When your crazy ex texts you from a new number because you blocked her old one…
Not today Satan


11. This girl COMPLETELY shut down her ex in the most hilarious way


12. And last but not least — so did this girl


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