#1 Did you know you can use McDonald’s cup lids as a coaster?

chickpearhi / Via twitter.com

#2 And, OK, not just McDonald’s, but most fast food drink cup lids?

MarcusMckinley2 / Via twitter.com

#3 Have you ever noticed that there’s an “LC” pattern hidden in the Little Caesars logo?

In fairness, this udpated logo only appeared a few years ago. BUT STILL!

#4 And did you know the Chicago Bulls’ logo upside down looks like a robot fu*king a crab?

MDesaad / Via twitter.com

#5 Did you know that Forest Whitaker has a brother named Kenn, who’s also an actor, that looks EXACTLY like him?

AdvBarryRoux / Via twitter.com

#6 Did you know the green Haribo Goldbear is STRAWBERRY flavored?!

meetmeatthepool / Via instagram.com

#7 Did you know some stores use this “trick” to make it look like the displays are stacked perfectly?

fighting_dreamr / Via instagram.com

#8 Was this something that ever occurred to you?

Although it looks like a scam, apparently this design is on purpose so the noodles on the bottom don’t break and so hot water can circulate better.
tillicum / Via reddit.com

#9 Did you know you can unfold your takeaway box into a plate?

“All right, one less dish to clean!”
instagramfrancis / Via instagram.com

#10 Did you know that you can use the tall “flap” on your fries box to put ketchup (or whatever) on it?

FaizalMalasahi / Via twitter.com

#11 Or that you can “unfold” a paper dipping cup for wider dipping access?

boomboomborrego / Via instagram.com

#12 What about the fact that you can use a Dairy Queen sundae lid to keep your hand from getting cold?

photo_lelko / Via instagram.com

#13 Also, did you ever realize how much sense this makes?

Thinkstock / Via buzzfeed.com

#14 Bet you didn’t know that baby rabbits are called KITTENS?!

Oxford Dictionaries / Via blog.oxforddictionaries.com

#15 And finally, did you know this simple math trick?!?!

It works…to some degree.
chg68 / Via instagram.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: chickpearhi / twitter.com, meetmeatthepool / instagram.com