1. When someone commented on this “lasagna”.

2. When Elsie was being utterly savage.

3. When these two men with the same name had some lovely conversations.

4. When this girl had the most amazing response to her ex.

5. When this woman came out in the best possible way.

6. When this mum had a terrible mix-up.

7. When this aunt announced a new relationship.

8. When Hazel had some thoughts about these tattie scones.

9. When the greatest description of a car was written.

10. When this aunt thought she’d found a dog.

11. When this artist graciously accepted a request.

12. When this daughter taught some Facebook etiquette.

13. When this parent’s evening got out of hand.

14. When this woman had a perfect comment.

15. When this guy was playing the long game.

16. When this older sister wasn’t taking any shit.

17. When this elderly woman had a cutting comment.

18. When this grandma had Nicki Minaj in her prayers.