#1 This family’s exciting new purchase.

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#2 This limited edition “MARIO” milk.


#3 This pancake’s journey.

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#4 This grandma’s life story.

Melonie Holt , Chip Skambis / Via wftv.com

#5 This pool that’s shaped like the state of Colorado.

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#6 This earth-shattering debate.

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#7 This woman’s shocking discovery.

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#8 This man’s harrowing adventure.


#9 Don Thompson’s impressive golf ball collection.

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#10 Whatever is going on in Land O’Lakes.

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#11 This meme.


#12 Miranda Cosgrove giving money to a “hobo” who told her she watched iCarly.

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#13 This recipe for ice cubes.


#14 The real story behind this stolen Chihuahua.

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#15 This woman who received a postcard.

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#16 This very, very normal crime.

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#17 This woman who received a text message.

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#18 This shocking development out of 7-Eleven.

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#19 This kid’s fantastic voyage.

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#20 Scott’s great discovery.


#21 The heroism of Aretha.

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#22 These guys sitting next to each other.

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#23 A veterinarian showing a cat how fat he is.

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#24 Just, like, anything about this man.


#25 A guy who robbed a store with a plastic bag on his head.

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#26 And the often talked about, never forgotten, potato chip heist of 2011.

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