Yesterday, a viral Reddit thread asked users to share their most mildly disturbing facts — those little pieces of trivia that keep people awake at night.

The answers ranged from totally scientific to purely philosophical, but they were all pretty damn disturbing. Here are some of the creepiest facts we learned:

#1 “There are over 200 corpses on Mount Everest and they are used as waypoints for climbers.”
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Paula Bronstein / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

#2 “Rabbits will eat their own young if they’re stressed enough.”
Apple02ish / Via

#3 “Your skeleton is wet.”
AmeglianMinorCow / Via

#4 “It takes longer to say WWW then it does to say World Wide Web.”
DigBick5000 / Via

#5 “In toddlers, their adult teeth are right underneath their eyes.”
danger_noodle_123 / Via

#6 “No one knows how anesthetics work. Any time they put you ‘under’ for a routine operation, there’s currently no scientific explanation for why you’re unconscious.”
Fando1234 / Via

#7 “The TSA didn’t catch 95% of guns and other paraphernalia going through airports during a government-run experiment.”
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#8 “The picture for your funeral program may have already been taken.”
pi-n-apple / Via

#9 “Barcode scanners scan the white parts, not the black.”
compsci2000 / Via

#10 “Dogs like squeaky toys because it reminds them of a small animal being killed.”
Thomas_Chinchilla / Via

#11 “You don’t know if there is a secret everybody knows except you.”
PotatoLover31 / Via

#12 “The FDA allows small amounts of rat droppings in candy bars.”
MemeDeli / Via

#13 “If you live to become the oldest person alive, the entire human population has been replaced in your lifetime. Except you.”
FastWalkingShortGuy / Via

#14 “Butterflies have been known to drink blood.”
scary_butterflys / Via

#15 “Thanks to pregnancy, the average number of skeletons in a human body is greater than one.”
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#16 “Cannibalism is pretty damn common in hamsters.”
PM-ME / Via

#17 “People who freeze to death are sometimes found naked because, as they near dangerously low body heat, they get the sensation they are burning hot.”
sneakybadness / Via

#18 “Your belly button is just your old mouth.”
Yet_Another_Banana / Via

#19 “You pass the anniversary of your death every year.”
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