I overheard a lady today say “yeah she thinks she’s all that and a bag of chilli” A BAG OF CHILLI
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While in Nashville, I overheard a guy say, “bro, are we dressing country chic tonight?”
I still haven’t recovered from it
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Overheard on Hawthorne:
“so are you two still dressing up as steampunk Snow White and hunter?”
“yeah but its evolved a bit as a concept”
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OVERHEARD* My six-year-old son just now to our nanny “guys can be girls, and girls can be guys, but you can’t be a house”
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Overheard in the deland walmart bathroom:
“son please hurry up and go potty so I can go home and cry.”
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Overheard in Whole Foods: “yeah this is the cheese and antipasti section, smells loud” —an employee giving a tour to a new employee
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Overheard at the dinner table: “I feel sorry for all the other subjects that don’t have a periodic table.”
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Me (while proofing copy): Does NSYNC have a star before the N? @heykatrinajoy: Let me check the AP Stylebook…
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Overheard in NY
“you really only have one friend.”
“yeah, because other people are exhausting.”
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overheard at brock
kid: mom, did you get your master’s today?
mom: yes I did sweetie.
kid: I got skittles. so I guess we’re both having a good day.
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I’m studying in the sci building and I overheard someone say “I don’t want to spend $300,000 on an education to squeeze teenagers pimples even tho it’s satisfying ya kno”
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Overheard in Waitrose:
“I’m pretty sure male chickens don’t lay eggs.”
“They only find out if a chicken is female when an egg pops out”.
I need a drink.
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Overheard at the restaurant: “Hopefully the dress code is ‘garden gnome chic.’ I’m the poster child.”
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More things overheard from my daughter’s bedroom:
“Old McDonald had a farm – E I E I OOOOO! And on that farm he had a shark! E I E I OOOOOO!
with a
and a
Here a bite! There a bite! Everywhere a BITE BITE!”
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Overheard at a craft show just now. Booth next to us sells handmade soaps made with goat’s milk. Little girl looks at the “cute” soaps.
Mom: If only I could get you to bathe…
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I just overheard at Walmart.
Pharmacist: Last name first.
Lady who is second in line: Lesbians first?
Pharmacist: No. Last name first. For this customer.
Lady sighs elaborately.
Me (fist bump): Good try.
Lady: I swear it will work someday.
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Overheard in my dorm, from the hallway: “Dude, are those tearaway pants?” *ripping sound* “DUDE THAT’S SO COOL”
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[at a restaurant]
Server 1: you ok?
Server 2: (very chipper) yeah!
1: weren’t you just crying in the walk in?
2: (chipper and irritated) Jesus Keith, if I didn’t know better I’d say you’d never met an actor before!!
-overheard, LA
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Overheard in Editorial: “Anyone have a ruler? I need to prove a point.”
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“Nothing with that many legs can be holy”, overheard while studying Hexapodas
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