“Some people go to Starbucks and never come back.” Overheard at Trader Joe’s
drewdyck / Via twitter.com

Just overheard someone sigh dramatically and someone else respond “right??”
Jobium / Via twitter.com

“I love this weather because all the frat boys pull out their best hats and patterned patagonias.”
overheard_lsu / Via twitter.com

Overheard in Harlem: “I’m not even cold. I’m… *disgusted*.”
bimadew / Via twitter.com

At Whole Foods for seven minutes and have overheard “it has tumeric in it” exactly four times
_scottymetz_ / Via twitter.com

just overheard my fave insult ever:
“you’re clearly an unhappy individual. i hope you have a long life”
andrewwhiteau / Via twitter.com

Just overheard on campus
“Yeah dude, finals are coming up and I don’t even own the textbook yet”
Jen_tach / Via twitter.com

Overheard in the office: “why should I wash my hands before eating, they’re just gonna get dirty again haha”

kyr4nb / Via twitter.com

Overheard on the London tube. Passenger X: Is this the end of May? Passenger Y: You all right mate? Its the middle of November!
JJ_Stellies / Via twitter.com

overheard in a soho coffee shop: “I just had no idea how much work goes into podcasting.”
alexlaughs / Via twitter.com

Overheard: “My dad froze my account and I only had $4 in my pocket last night so I went to the Sunoco and bought 3 scratch offs and won $15 so guess who’s going out tonight”
quinf0ster / Via twitter.com

overheard my work crush say she can’t date coworkers anymore so i put my two weeks in today
slayerisgood / Via twitter.com

Just overheard an elderly lady in Starbucks say “Enjoy yourself, be mellow!”
…and now I have a new life motto.
iamfrench / Via twitter.com

overheard at the park today
son: Mommy, look! There’s a dolphin out in the ocean!
mom: No, honey. That’s a duck and it’s a lake.
mschwenke / Via twitter.com

Just overheard a Middle Aged man call someone a “douche waffle” in a serious conversation
Think I’ve seen all there is to see in America now
skepsismusic_uk / Via twitter.com

“Where is my corpse?”
-Things overheard when your person is a gamer
KRwriter / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: alexlaughs / twitter