1. First of all, I’m…sorry.

Chicken sunbathing on a beach.
ChinaInPics / Via reddit.com

2. Um, what is THIS???!!!

Egg in its natural habitat
samsepp / Via reddit.com

3. What the HELL is this?!

Wouldn’t just be easier to bbq them on the cob?
slicedmoonstone / Via reddit.com

4. My boyfriend was just served a Bloody Mary in a fry basket

Id complain about this
I_Crush_Your_Head / Via reddit.com

5. Salad on a rolled up napkin…technically on a plate.

Miley_Dahmer / Via reddit.com

6. Do they, like, throw the can away after?

asutho / Via reddit.com

7. Granola and fruit in a toolbox at a breakfast party today.

Timmymac1000 / Via reddit.com

8. Breakfast on a shovel… Restaurants seem to be obsessed with them

crustationenforcer / Via reddit.com

9. Pitcher of poutine being offered in Montreal. What is going on here?

thisbevic / Via reddit.com


Is it forgivable when it’s a Michelin star restaurant?
jennabunnykins / Via reddit.com

11. Coconut shrimp on a clothesline. I feel bad for the person who has to clean this mess up.

panda_nectar / Via reddit.com

12. Wrong type of container. What was the thought behind this?

robmartinezb / Via reddit.com

13. Cheese fries in a mug… this is not a smart idea

barneyhedgecoe / Via reddit.com

14. I don’t know about you but I’m not trying to eat off of a shovel.

hazardousid / Via reddit.com

15. Fried rice in a huge measuring cup.

TylerSGman77 / Via reddit.com

16. Afternoon tea in a bookcase.

FudgelEngineer / Via reddit.com

17. Ummmm… Tossed, not stirred.

hoootyhooo / Via reddit.com

18. I have a plate, but they put it in a jar anyways.

bananabunnythesecond / Via reddit.com

More info: r/WeWantPlates, Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: jennabunnykins / reddit, ChinaInPics / reddit