1. The time this kid was being thoughtful of their babysitter.

UnexpectedlyWholesome / Via reddit.com, MaddiePoolee / Via twitter.com

2. The time someone mistook their dad for the cat

lookwhoshira / Via twitter.com

3. A customer had a bunch of these printed out to keep in her purse and hand to any customer service worker who helps her y’all this was the purest thing.

desert_cryptid / Via reddit.com

4. The time this person’s mum called them out wholesomely

thatsfordinner_bot / Via reddit.com

5. The time when Google flattered Siri

lilbeastlema / Via reddit.com

6. The time someone was so darn wholesome online

DatBoiTotoDile007 / Via reddit.com

7. The time Tumblr saw the glass half full

curlicuecal / Via tumblr.com

8. Was not expecting such wholesomeness from them, how nice!

sTuPiDoRaUtIsTiC / Via reddit.com

9. The time someone randomly messaged someone on Reddit to wish them a great day

Hexmonkey2020 / Via reddit.com

10. The time when Reddit refused to let people be mean to themselves.

ArcyFox / Via reddit.com

11. The time this sweet angel replied to an emotional text with wisdom.

hollywoodpizzapirate / Via reddit.com

12. The time when Tumblr was so sweet

blindstargazer / Via tumblr.com

13. The time a baby waved at a stranger for the first time.

tarynland / Via twitter.com

14. A “super cool” teacher

fjamie013 / Via twitter.com

15. The time a stranger turned flipped something so negative into something positive

CrazyOrbitz / Via reddit.com

16. The time this person gave someone a bell necklace when they held the door open for them.

cactus5390 / Via reddit.com

17. The time a Reddit user came clean about their deep secret

Waonkyy / Via reddit.com

18. The time someone wrote this in the girls’ bathroom

ShineSonic77 / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: desert_cryptid / reddit, ShineSonic77 / Reddit