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Judith Theis

When my niece was 4 years old she heard me comment that I could not remember if I had taken my medication or not. Very seriously, she said, “Think, would you be worse off if you took it twice, or didn’t take it at all?” She grew up to become a pharmacist.

Alan Ljungberg

Once when I was trying to plan something for my wife’s birthday I asked my 5 year-old daughter what we should do for her. “I dunno”, she said. “Well how do we show someone we love them?” I asked. “You play with them” was her answer.

The clarity of that response floored me. For all the parents that try to buy their child’s love; give them expensive gifts. Anything but the one thing that children desire the most, our time. Isn’t that the same for all of us? If you want to show your love do something with them. It’s so simple and yet how easily we lose this simple clear truth.

Rich Culver

I found this observation from my 3-yr old son to be particularly insightful: ‘children cry with their mouths, parents cry with their eyes’.

Gloria Lulu Pillay

My husband took me and my two young sons to a very fancy restaurant for my 27th birthday.( Kids were not allowed; but the restaurant made an exception because the waiter was a customer of our drug store).I told my sons aged 3 and 5 to be on their best behavior and they were very quiet. The waiters served an amazing dinner, though my steak was rather overdone. I whispered to my husband that I could hardly chew on the steak. The chef made his appearance to ask, “So, how is your steak, madame?” My five year old, for the first time opened his mouth to say,” This is not a steak, sir. This is a mistake!”

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