Here’s my contribution to #trashtag. My (large) family and I cleaned up this beach we camped near over the summer!
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#trashtag Manila Bay has been considered one of the dirtiest bays across the world. After 11 years, the Supreme Court finally issued a cleanup order which thousands of volunteers joined last January 27, 2019.
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This should be the new challenge to make the world a better place!
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#trashtag seems to be trending. This one’s from Nepal
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Around 500 volunteers helped with the cleanup of 5 million kg of trash from this Mumbai beach.
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Just one of the many days cleaning up our local water ways. Featuring Selma Kayak and Large Marge the Garbage Barge.
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Three women cleaned up this area together. #trashtag
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Took me a few days, but finally finished!!
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This is just a work of an hour! #trashtag
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We did our first “official” beach clean-up in Belize that past December. Before this I’d say we were classified as “beach(trash)combers”, picking up the odd straw and plastic bottle we saw on our walks. However, for Belize, we travelled there with the intention of dedicating time to picking up any trash we came across on our hikes and beach walks. We even created a social media “clean-up crew” by partnering with other travellers to do a clean-up with us at the same time.


#trashtag from Vietnam, youngsters gather voluntarily to clean up the environment and to raise public awareness
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These people went above and beyond #trashtag
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Along the Potomac River south of Washington, DC. We have to clean up the existing mess, but bottle deposit laws and styrofoam bans would prevent most of it. Contact your local, state, and federal representatives and insist on this.
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My aunt is a 70 year old retired school teacher and she has been making these signs and going around cleaning up our neighborhood in the Bronx for a few months now #Trashtag
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The community in my home town in Mexico got together and cleaned up garbage.
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There’s an organisation I volunteer at and we basically do cleanups like this in the city. Places that have been forgotten by the local government and make them accessible for the public.
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People are starting to accept the challenge
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We’ve picked up tons from Durban beaches over the years.
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Took the whole Sunday morning for 10 people. But finally completed the #trashtag challenge
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