1. This person who discovered microwave-proof and dishwasher proof doesn’t also mean stove-proof.

Ovenproof, microwave-proof, dishwasher-proof does not mean stove-proof

2. Whoever had to settle for this sandwich.

Made another and the same thing happened again, it’s all in the bin….toastie maker included haha

3. Sushi Chef Level: Beginner

I’m LOLing but really this makes me sad on the inside.

4. “Kiiiilll meeee!” -My eggs with rice this morning

You sure wouldn’t want to find this on your breakfast plate.

5. How to not make nachos.

It was a fiesta gone wrong.

6. That didn’t quite turn out right

It was a carb-free calamity.

7. Oh yeah, whoever ends up marrying me is definitely a lucky guy


8. The brains behind this unfortunate breakfast.

Honestly pancakes are pretty hard to mess up.

9. Easter Bunny Bread. Nailed it!

Can we all agree that this is worth nobody’s time?

10. This is what a mug cake made by a mortal looks like…

outofofficebymic, imgur

11. Gutted that my Friday night treat has messed up this bad

Maybe should’ve stuck with Domino’s.

12. What i tried to make vs. what actually happened lmaoo it’s safe to say these ‘frozen banana penguins’ did not make the cut to attend my party lol

These had a lot of potential.

13. Ooopps… this happens when you keep distracting me

Well I guess I have to remake it again .

14. This guy who failed miserably at making grilled cheese.

Kitchen FAIL! This is what a grilled cheese sandwich looks like when you get a call from the college girl in the middle of making it, and you walk away from the panini maker for *just a minute.*

15. Uh, this situation. Pressure Cooker nightmare!

Was he cooking dinner or performing a science experiment?

Via BuzzFeed