This husband nearly gave his wife a heart attack

Fell asleep in the RV. Husband got all the kids to scream at once. I woke up to this. Still not talking to those a*sholes!

But this husband took makeup lessons so he could help his wife, who was losing her eyesight, do her makeup.


This husband lied about cleaning the house

Offered to clean the house for “husband points” while the wife was out of town. Hired a maid but didn’t check the work. Busted!

While this husband took all his time to decorate their room with post-it notes for Valentine’s Day

My husband created an 8bit V-Day room with over 7000 memories on sticky notes.

This guy wore this shirt while his wife was in labor

I wore this custom shirt during my wife’s labor. Wife was not amused.

And this one brightened his wife’s day by writing a message out in leaves

Message from the gardener…who is also my husband of 28 years.

This husband hopefully washed his hands

I asked my husband to stir my drink, aaaaand this is what he did. Thank you. Exactly what I had in mind.

While this husband gave his wife a sweet reminder

My husband sure knows how to make a pregnant, bloated girl feel special on her birthday

This husband spent two seconds “cleaning up” the living room

My wife bought new couch pillows you can draw on. Immature me couldn’t resist.

But this woman’s husband found her long-lost childhood stuffed animal after an eternity

This is Clumsy. Clumsy was the greatest. Unfortunately, I lost him somewhere around middle/high school. But thanks to the power of Google searches and EBay, Clumsy is back in my arms today! And he’s still the greatest. #husbandwin

This husband thinks he’s reallll funny

So I asked my husband to buy 6 potatoes.

While this one literally built an entire window seat while his wife was out

Wife went away for 48 hours and I made this window seat for her.

This husband made his wife feel worse for hitting a deer

I hit a deer last Saturday. My husband sent his condolences from out of town.

While this husband literally built a cupcake ferris wheel for their wedding

My husband, then fiancé, made a cupcake ferris wheel for our wedding!

This guy forgot his anniversary

I needed to borrow my wife’s phone… she said her password was our anniversary. I gave the phone back and said I didn’t know what happened.

While this husband bought a billboard for his 50th Anniversary to tell his late wife he still loves her

Man honors late wife on couple’s “golden anniversary”

This husband didn’t want to be told what to do

My wife and I hit an important marriage milestone.
We had a fight entirely in fridge magnets.

While this husband did everything without question

Three years ago my wife broke down crying because we couldn’t even afford a tree (or presents) for Christmas. So I borrowed some lights and made this in our empty apartment. Now we make one every year along with a real tree to remember where we used to be

This husband asked his wife’s gyno if he was a Texas Longhorns fan

My husband asked my gynecologist if he was a Texas Longhorn…

But this husband made leather bound copies of the Harry Potter books for his wife

Made leather bound copies of the Harry Potter books for my wife for Christmas

This husband was sent to buy a baby shower gift bag but came back with this

Sent my husband to buy a baby shower gift bag.

And, this husband took care of his wife who had a little too much to drink.

Wife had a bit to much to drink so I made a nice romantic candle setting for her with pillow and blankets by the ivory throne complete with hair rubber band, water, socks, and nose spray. I’m going to sleep, candles are battery operated.

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