Just bought 50 boxes of animal crackers and a kayak.
I hate you Costco.
L0rdTrash / Via twitter.com

Currently in line at costco fantasizing about their sexy luscious 700 calorie per slice pizza melting my arteries or whatever
JAKEGRNR / Via twitter.com

Just changed my Facebook relationship status from ‘single’ to ‘Costco Member’
MattOswaltVA / Via twitter.com

Me: I love this Airbnb
Costco employee: please leave I won’t ask you again
savittj / Via twitter.com

Sometimes I wish I could have lived in medieval Europe, but then I imagine galloping home from Costco with 20 bottles of BBQ sauce and nope.
LoveNLunchmeat / Via twitter.com

One day, you’re partying until the morning hours and then suddenly you’re excited about the new Costco that’s so much closer than the other one.
PinkCamoTO / Via twitter.com

Overheard at Costco:
Husband to wife: “Stay focused”
Briefslayer / Via twitter.com

“You like mayonnaise? Prove it.” – Costco
seethenare / Via twitter.com

My husband has forbidden me to go to Costco when I’m hungry. I don’t understand. How hard is it to eat 47 rotisserie chickens?
sixfootcandy / Via twitter.com

Went to Costco for paper towels and bought the Cleveland Browns and a helicopter.
CelebrityChez / Via twitter.com

Every time the Costco parking lot isn’t over-crowded, I get nervous that I missed the rapture.
ThisOneSayz / Via twitter.com


aisforalondraa / Via twitter.com

People I went to high school with are all “here’s pics from my 1st trip to Iceland” and I’m all “here’s my pics from 1st trip to Costco.”
ValeeGrrl / Via twitter.com

Costco is my Hotel California.
ThisOneSayz / Via twitter.com

I like when you’re at Costco and there are about 15 adults lined up for half a chicken nugget
thepinksinger15 / Via twitter.com

Almost have my wife on board with sending out a christmas card that’s a photo of our family in front of costco
dlicj / Via twitter.com

I don’t see it as “Costco Free Samples.” I see it as a free 17 course meal.
Cheeseboy22 / Via twitter.com

Wife: You’ll be so proud of me. I saved $9 at Costco.
Me: How much did you spend?
Wife: $600.
XplodingUnicorn / Via twitter.com

Made the mistake of going to Costco after drinking a half bottle of wine & now I’m the proud owner of everything.
Except tires.
sarcasticmommy4 / Via twitter.com

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