This week, a Reddit thread asked users to share all the red flags that scream: “I’m not a good person.” Here are some of the best responses:

#1 “Line jumping. Those people cutting others off in line just because they think they should be first are spawn of the devil.”
Fulltergeist / Via

#2 “Never accepting blame for anything.”
drayd38 / Via

#3 “Being disrespectful of people’s personal property in their home.”
agressiveeight / Via

#4 “Not tipping.”
spartansam118 / Via

#5 “Laughing at/making fun of other people’s interests and hobbies.”
blinsanity / Via

#6 “Being a di*k to everyone else, then trying to excuse that behavior by saying, ‘I’m just brutally honest.’”
QuasiQuintus / Via

#7 “Talking sh*t about mutual friends when they’re not around. If they’ll do that with your other friends, damn sure they’re doing it with you, too.”
Zohren / Via

#8 “Treating those ‘below’ you badly — be it your employees, service workers, children, etc. — because you perceive yourself as higher status.”
TheTige / Via

#9 “Throwing cigarette butts out the car window.”
Polifili / Via

#10 “Littering in general.”
WeakRoll / Via

#11 “Sticking someone else with the bill.”
canarypalm / Via

#12 “Taking any kind of criticism or conflicting opinion as a personal attack.”
selcouth_devotee / Via

#13 “Not paying debts, even small ones. If you borrow money — even a dollar — with the promise to pay it back, do so.”
bornfree524 / Via

#14 “Hurting animals.”
indifferentials / Via

#15 “Playing music audibly on public transport when others can hear.”
TenNinetythree / Via

#16 “Making fun of other people’s appearances.”
CRTter / Via

#17 “Being too proud to apologize.”
celina452 / Via

#18 “Leaving trash in a movie theater.”
RawthonBawthon / Via

#19 “Changing lanes without using your turn signal.”
mr_cow_ / Via

#20 “Being rude because you ‘haven’t had your coffee yet’ or some similar excuse. Be an adult like the rest of us and learn to control your emotions, regardless of your caffeine intake.”
acciosoylatte / Via

#21 “Leaving your shopping cart in a parking space.”
funkychicken2015 / Via

#22 “People who aren’t able to be excited for you when you succeed, no matter how small the success; they always see other people’s success as a threat to their own worth.”
igoncal1 / Via

#23 “When someone is clearly thinking about what they are going to say next instead of listening to the person talking.”
FasterMellyFaster / Via

#24 “Being flakey — agreeing to do things, then not even having the common courtesy to let you know they aren’t going to show up.”
MorganthSilvermoon / Via

#25 “Playing the victim when confronted with something you did wrong.”
impropertreasures / Via

#26 “One-upping people on anything and everything.”
bearlyfine / Via

#27 “Constantly telling people you are a good person.”

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