1. You probably have no idea what to do with yourself. So you do all of it.
*weather turns 70 degrees*
Everyone: wow I love life and people, do you want a hug to share this beautiful day, here take my debit card

2. Because you feel freeeee.
It’s nice to step outside without a jacket and seasonal depression.

3. It’s almost like a veil has lifted.
*sun comes out*
therapist: how’s your depression
me: my depression?


4. … Or so you thought.
let me slip into something a little more…comfortable
[seductively peels off seasonal depression to reveal regular depression]

5. You have just about no energy to get anything done.
Me: oh man, things are finally happening for me! I have so much to do!
Seasonal depression: lie in bed.

6. Because it turns out seasonal depression might not be so seasonal after all.
when the weather changes and you realize maybe it’s not seasonal affective disorder


7. For people with seasonal affective disorder, winter isn’t just colder and darker. It’s also generally the worst.
Me at 3:59pm: seasonal affective disorder is fake
Me at 5:24pm: the sun is dead. why has god abandoned us

8. There are days where HOPE IS NOT LOST!
me: i don’t think i have seasonal affective disorder, im just like this all the time
(sun comes out)

9. That it’s probably related to climate change is only slightly concerning.
When global warming is doing terrible things for the environment but great things for your seasonal affective disorder


10. It ends up being in vain.
When you just dropped $80 at Sephora but seasonal affective disorder still got you feelin a way


11. Occasionally, you might try to take advantage of winter things.
The way to avoid seasonal affective disorder is to stay busy with fun winter activities, such as contemplating mortality & yelling at snow.

12. Eventually it does, making it really hard to contain all your excitement.
Sometimes the weather is so nice, you’re forced to turn to strangers on the street, wave your arms around, & go “ARE YA GETTIN THIS?!”

13. Seriously, that cold weather has got to go.
Me @ seasonal depression when it’s warm and sunny for two consecutive days.


14. So you just sit there feeling stuck.
seasonal depression is so real, this whole ass winter season is canceled. i want sun i want warmth


15. While you wait for the first signs of spring, and the depression to lift.
Starting to feel like spring. Me @ seasonal affective disorder


16. The Earth is just like, “lol gotcha.”
the sun: comes out
the sun: goes away
seasonal depression: so anyway,