#1 This person who had a stranger’s back:

LindsayIsBoring / Via reddit.com

#2 This kid who ensured their classmate was included:

ValeeGrrl / Via twitter.com

#3 This musician, Seth Low, who gave a much-appreciated private performance:

Baltimore Symphony Musicians / Via facebook.com

#4 This grandma who wants the best for her grandchild:

starbrightfemme / Via twitter.com

#5 These people who jumped into action when they were needed most:

kdbice / Via reddit.com

#6 This person who was considerate of the people around them:

AriYarwood / Via twitter.com

#7 This person who created the most coveted parking space in the world for a boy:

asausagehastwo / Via twitter.com

#8 This person who understood the importance of these supplies:

jeffreyyaaron / Via twitter.com

#9 This person who was fully prepared:

ailijones / Via twitter.com

#10 This person who took time out of their day to be kind:

KiWiKiDLoL / Via twitter.com

#11 This person who gave a little something extra:

“I am so pleased with this amazing bike and accessories that I want to add a little something to the purchase price. Please use this to treat yourselves to a special meal or event during your New York trip — in memory of your dad.”
Ehellegreg / Via reddit.com

#12 This community that wanted a dounut shop owner to worry about one less thing:

ABC7 / Via twitter.com

#13 This sister who was looking out for her brother:

squidslippers / Via twitter.com

#14 This son that wanted to honor his dad for his mom:

#15 This mom who gave hugs to those who needed them most:

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: ABC7 / twitter.com