1. This kid who’s looking to sabotage his mean brother

Dear Santa Claus
I don’t think our baby brother should have presents this year. He is hurting us and he said you are trash. So think about giving him presents.
From: A nice boy Thomas

2. This kid who has NO time for small talk

Dear Santa Claus, let’s skip to the end, these are the things I want for Christmas…
Ciieerraaa__ / Via twitter.com

3. Same with this kid.

Dear Santa,
How are you? Well, enough chit-chat. Let’s get down to business. This year I want…
whatsaflashbang / Via reddit.com

4. This kid who’s looking to put Santa into unemployment

Dear Santa,
I think you should be fired from your job because you skipped my house at (address) my house was yellow. I am very very upset that you skipped my house. I saw you and the Elves skip my house. I have one question to say. WHY DID YOU SKIP MY HOUSE? I don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore. And you are just a guy in a red suit that someone hired. You are just a fake. And I am 7 years old. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are only doing this for money not because you love children or because (you) have children, not at all.
P.S. You su*k at your job. There. You got what you deserve. You are a fake.
ANinjaShadow / Via reddit.com

5. This kid who has an ultimatum

jawn317 / Via reddit.com

6. This kid who sneaked in not just one jab, but two

Thank you for the presents when they come. I love you Santa and thank you.
P.S. Are you real, Santa?
P.P.S. I love Jesus more though don’t get mad.
n8rz / Via twitter.com

7. This kid who isn’t opposed to screaming

I couldn’t call you because I didn’t know your phone number! What is it?!!?!!
Vintageblues / Via reddit.com

8. This kid who’s looking to other celestial folks for his presents

Dear Gloria and Jesus, I want a Nintendo Switch. Santa does not exist.
bigbabyjesus76 / Via reddit.com

9. This kid who sounds like she’s been ghosted

Dear Santa, I am sorry for yelling and being mean. Will you still bring me presents?
Love Kristin.
P.S. Write back!
P.S.S. I really am sorry.
P.S.S.S. Have a Merry Christmas!
vivi2012 / Via reddit.com

10. This kid who’s just doing as he’s told

FelixFardo / Via twitter.com

11. This kid who knows he’s been scammed

p_partha / Via reddit.com

12. This kid who wants a two-for-one special

P.S. Please clean my room.
passion4pizza / Via reddit.com

13. This kid who knows their rights

DitkasMoustache / Via reddit.com

14. This kid who’s looking to start that trust fund early

kindofageek / Via reddit.com

15. This kid who’s not messing around

Dear Santa,
I have three words to tell you: I hate you. You Santa did not give me the toys I wanted for Christmas. When I take a photo with you the only person I know is you Santa are not real. You are just a man in a suit that acts like Santa.
PixelatingPony / Via reddit.com

16. This kid who will take cash

transplanted / Via imgur.com

And finally, this kid who is just stating reindeer facts

I know you are not real, but if you were you would not be able to deliver presents because reindeer can not fly and there is not enough time to deliver over one million presents.
NacieLou13 / Via twitter.com

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