1. You’ve been called a “Townie” before.

2. The local celebrities are a bigger deal to you than Hollywood celebs.

3. You get random waves of nostalgia when you drive through town. I had my first kiss right by that dumpster…

4. You run into people you went to high school with EVERYWHERE.

5. The doctor you see for checkups is the same doctor who delivered you at birth. And the same barber has been cutting your hair since you were in diapers. They’ve known you literally your entire life.

6. You see your family a lot and get all the home-cooked meals you can handle.

7. You see your family a lot and get all the home-cooked meals you can handle. And your childhood friends are still part of the crew.

8. You frequently tell people obscure trivia about your town. And reference landmarks that only you know when giving directions.

9. You don’t have to deal with traveling over the holidays.

10. In fact, going anywhere out of town feels like an epic journey.

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11. You still feel a spark of competition when you find out someone went to a rival high school. And you constantly complain about how much your town has changed and “Lost its charm”.

12. You’re a self-proclaimed expert on every neighborhood in your town.

13. You’ve had the same Chinese food takeout place on your speed dial for the past 10 years.

14. You have no excuse to miss your high school reunion.

15. You store all your extra junk at your parents house.

16. You sometimes think about moving away, but always decide its too much of a hassle… After all, you have a plot reserved for you at the local cemetery.

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