1. Another unachievable body standard for men.

TalbotFarwell / Via reddit.com

2. What is this?! A sink for ants?!

chichumolay / Via reddit.com

3. You know it’s cold AF out when you put your wig over your hoodie.

FactsOrDie / Via twitter.com

4. This watermelon I bought started foaming

JQMan4 / Via reddit.com

5. Flower Urinals – Barton Grange, Lancs UK

cs11572 / Via reddit.com

6. My friend is storing his cello at my place. I occasionally send him updates on how it’s going.

Birdman1091 / Via reddit.com

7. Custom “What-a-boots”

adroit_maneuvering / Via reddit.com

8. Someone decided these reindeer didn’t need their eyes.

EndlessDaydreamer / Via reddit.com

9. Wet floor

Lem0nJuic3 / Via reddit.com

10. This dessert doesn’t look very attractive.

snowboard44 / Via reddit.com

11. Not sure my school understands the meaning of the word vegetarian


12. Kids in my daughters book spelling hepatitis.

tomred420 / Via reddit.com

13. This bench is truly amazing.

locotojtoj4 / Via reddit.com

14. This McDonald’s cup is printed inside out.

Fish_n_Chips12 / Via reddit.com

15. At least it will never break down.

ItzPhoen1x / Via reddit.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: FactsOrDie / Twitter