Most of the world associate Canada with maple syrup, niceness, and more maple syrup. But the truth is… not that different, actually.

#1 Another Canadian thing

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#2 Canadian Police Clash with Citizens

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#3 Found a pretty cool hat at a local store today

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#4 We’re living 3 seasons at once right now.

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#5 Meanwhile in Canada…

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#6 Christmas in Canada is difficult sometimes

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#7 The things you see in a Northern Canadian town

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#8 Police in Montreal are refusing to wear their work pants as a part of a labor dispute.

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#9 Canadians are notorious for being kind

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#10 Honest Canadian commuters. The workers were missing and the automatic gates were broken. This is the result.

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#11 Everything about this says Canada

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#12 Canadian police on the job

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#13 Canadian victims of theft.

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#15 That’s a decent reason to not drop the package off at my door

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#16 Police officer stops to buy a drink from a little girl at a lemonade stand in Kenora, ON, Canada.

#17 Canadian Parking Ticket

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#18 Meanwhile in Montreal…

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#19 Canadian police officers meditating before they start their day

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#20 Grocery store in Summerside,PEI (Canada) has “Sensory Friendly Shopping”

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