1. The danger of sunflower seeds 2. When we met Leland. 3. When this girl relived the death of her goldfish. 4. A genius way to use FaceTime. 5. When this fish was found. 6. When this man and his goat had the happiest friendship. 7. When someone noticed this logo. 8. When we were blessed with a great new insult. 9. When these flies had a better sex life than you do. 10. When this was the most creative spelling of 2016. 11. When hot dog princess was born. 12. When being petty reached a new level. 13. When cats upstaged our love life. 14. When our soldiers were supported.

15. When we were given this “cinnamon role”. 16. When a new art movement was born. 17. when true art deserved to be framed. 18. When this sign was spotted in the wild. 19. When we were given the best face swap known to man. 20. When being prepared finally paid off. 21. When this guy’s staring was confusing AF. 22. When things got spooky. 23. When a dad was spotted in the wild. 24. When this mother went all out for an insurance company. 25. When a kid licked a dolphin. 26. When technology made us all look like professionals. 27. When a dog met her idol. 28. When Jessica wouldn’t quit.