I had a roommate who ate everything out of a frying pan – cake, pizza, soup, whatever. @jimmyfallon

1 time my roommate got drunk & filled our tub w/ jello. She said she wanted to feel like she was “back in the womb.” @KristenRose124

My roommate consistently slept with a stuffed polar bear named Poly on his face. @tannerfbowen

My roommate puts her shoes in her car the night before so she doesn’t walk out in the morning and forget to wear shoes @klaracee91

& had 2 pairs of underwear which she rotated weekly, hand washed, and hung in our shared bathroom @gray_kaycee

My roommate drank wine at 8am. She told me “grapes are fruit. Fruit is the best way to start your day.” @1andOnlyBMav

I had a roommate once that use to water her artificial flowers “just in case” @Tonymac84

My roommate once told me, “You know, most people wake up if they feel someone watching them sleep. But you don’t.” @BelleofBabble

Drew faces on all the eggs. Now when I open the fridge, the eggs are mad about it. @kittykaresless

My freshman roommate had B.O. so bad that I used to spray Febreze on him while he was sleeping. @timsennett

I had a roommate who had a dresser drawer specifically labeled “Ninja Clothes.” @AllieHundley

my assigned college roommate thought her Beta fish died of tuberculosis. She held a full Catholic funeral. @aChristinaStory

Came home once to hotdogs and cheese slices stapled to the bathroom wall, and them crying in the tub drinking coconut rum @Shoujogeek

One of my roommates freshman year wrote a mean girls style burn book to God about the other three of us and our sins @SaraHeilig