#1 This 10-year-old was brutally honest to his girlfriend

_kimberlyia / Via twitter.com

#2 And so was this boyfriend

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#3 This friend was a little too blunt about an ex

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#4 This random person was too honest with their DM

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#5 This ex should’ve just lied, tbh


#6 This brother-in-law had a savage reply

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#7 This kid’s note to his teacher was a compliment, but too realistic

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#8 As was this child’s note to his mother


#9 This dad had this iconic line

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#10 But not as iconic as this kid’s note, “I didn’t do my homework because I don’t want to do schoolwork over the weekend.”

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#11 This girl had to be brutally honest about her cousin’s two-year-old

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#12 This dad had this brutal assessment of his wife

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#13 This brutally honest clapback was the best way to fire back at a body shamer

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#14 Can we talk about Robert Smith’s brutally honest answer to this enthusiastic reporter

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