#1 This girl hit someone’s car with a golf cart

#2 This son forgot his father’s birthday — and paid for it

#3 This daughter said it was this moment that made her parents want to send her back to India

#4 This two-year-old drank A1

#5 This son’s definition of “wave” upset his mom

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#6 This three-year-old’s accent is too much for his dad

#7 This guy’s cheery mugshot was a disappointment, but his parents made the most of it

TheMartinShow_ / Via twitter.com

#8 This poor son’s search history was a hilarious disappointment to his father

#9 This son played “Between the Sheets” during his father’s mass

#10 This girl gives creeps her mom’s phone number when they ask

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#11 This girl’s mom is done with her response to her question

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#12 This girl’s mom is done with her tweets

hard_candyjpeg / Via twitter.com

#13 This girl’s vocabulary is not impressive to her mother

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#14 And lastly, this girl’s tweets were a disappointment/shock for her mom

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