1. Mate of mine trying xiao long bao for his first time in Shanghai


2. It’s clear to me who was the most photogenic in this picture

kevinhorton23 / Via twitter.com

3. The moment of a catastrophe

ashIG88 / Via imgur.com

4. Dog right before hitting the water

I_was_the_vilain / Via reddit.com

5. Watch out! Ah, it’s too late…

DickRausch / Via reddit.com

6. Darling, you’re not letting me say a word!

herrkissekatt / Via reddit.com

7. Tameless hair

sarahcat18 / Via buzzfeed.com

8. Wrong place at the wrong time. I am fairly positive that he’ll get the full smoke if he moves, too.

pp0787 / Via reddit.com

9. Cup of water going down.

neto / Via reddit.com

10. Look at my fi…..sh#%


11. Throw some leaves, It’ll look cute

nichtsneues / Via imgur.com

12. Photographed the exact moment this man ruined his shirt at a photo gallery.

anomalush / Via reddit.com

13. Banana float

lucassommer / Via reddit.com

14. Mid-Sneeze before a mountain bike ride

AxEquals0 / Via reddit.com

15. Dad snapped the pic right as the crayfish snapped my finger

mitchrad99 / Via reddit.com

16. The reaction of the man in the background is priceless.

thelostlovegood / Via reddit.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: imgur.com, neto / reddit