1. This is Dr. Grey, he likes to make my job as difficult as possible.

pinnipedmom / Via reddit.com

2. Ruining my damn screen door!

teemarsh / Via reddit.com

3. When you think you’re having a good day and suddenly see your coffee.

GallowBo*b / Via reddit.com

4. Dog ate the bread.

Sandvich1015 / Via reddit.com

5. I’ve been toilet training the cat… I think he’s learning too well.


6. I wondered why it was the only plant not to flower this summer.

Victoria_88 / Via reddit.com

7. Exhausted after a day of destruction.

mbo42 / Via reddit.com

8. My cat routinely steals my hair elastics. I found out she just stashes them under the stove.

peachy_green / Via reddit.com

9. My dog looks like a night club bouncer.

bvbillionaire / Via twitter.com

10. I’ll just help myself…

capresesalad1985 / Via reddit.com

11. Came home to find that Ladybird had made a lovely dress out of her favorite blanket.

articulateantagonist / Via reddit.com

12. I guess I’m done with my coffee then..

MartyFreeze / Via reddit.com

13. This a*shole needed MORE room to look out…

jennthemermaid / Via reddit.com

14. And what?

HairoftheDog89 / Via reddit.com

15. Just wanted to get a cute picture after getting all dressed up…but the cat didn’t think it was a good idea.

jatan194 / Via reddit.com

16. Our senior dog is really loving having a puppy around.

like_big_mutts / Via reddit.com

17. Dog shaming

dogshaming / Via twitter.com

18. Oh you’re playing? Well… I’m tired, let me just… Purrfect.

OutOfAbyss / Via reddit.com

19. When you realize it’s not what you expected to see


20. Basically a summary of what its like to own a bird.

Gracynvh / Via reddit.com

21. I got a spray bottle to get her to stop biting everything.

Paige_Lynn / Via reddit.com

22. Petting my sweet angel Ruby

EupraxiaCM / Via reddit.com

23. Since adopting Lily our paper towel budget has increased tremendously!

KRegister / Via reddit.com

24. Forget the excuse of your dog eating your homework. My dog ate my PhD.

KLJones_Science / Via twitter.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: capresesalad1985 / reddit, imgur.com