#1 When your keys do this thing:

More_again / Via reddit.com

#2 “I threw my swatter at a fly. Don’t ask questions because I don’t have answers.”

TheGreatBugle / Via reddit.com

#3 “The cable guy installed the cable through our hula hoop that we left out.”

RxTechMetanoia / Via reddit.com

#4 “My grandfather doesn’t peel the plastic off of anything.”

technicalidiot / Via reddit.com

#5 “My new Nike Free running shoes after my first run”

yesporr / Via reddit.com

#6 “My wife just can’t finish one set before buying another one.”

TurkeyQuirky1 / Via reddit.com

#7 Looks like this notebook still needs to be charged.

Ceapa-Cool / Via reddit.com

#8 Every. Single. Time.

ThumYorky / Via reddit.com

#9 When someone breaks the rules and everybody else has no choice but to comply:

bem13 / Via reddit.com

#10 Does this also happen to you when you’re angry?

broke_ass_brock / Via reddit.com

#11 When the design team loses a debate with the legal team:

prashu10 / Via reddit.com

#12 “My friend made a screen protector out of clear tape.”

tisfortrash / Via reddit.com

#13 This isn’t a fork, it’s a diet spoon.

voidfeelings / Via reddit.com

#14 “This is how my parents store their DVDs.”

trashfoxx_ / Via reddit.com

#15 This lady is kneeling on bread while she looks at other bread.

tmaxb / Via reddit.com

#16 Okay, the colors are certainly off. But why are there 2 separate buttons anyway?

TheWorldsCollide / Via reddit.com

#17 “The previous owners of my friend’s house cut the carpet to make this door open instead of just cutting the door.”

mattrowskayaks / Via reddit.com

#18 “My wife never fully screws the lids back onto anything.”

EchoJXTV / Via reddit.com

#19 “Looks like I won’t be listening to my new vinyl record.”

404forlife / Via reddit.com

#20 Rihanna knows something about walking on grates in heels for sure.

Aimee_P_R / Via twitter.com

#21 This kid’s confidence is truly incredible.

EmanonUkser / Via reddit.com

#22 “I wouldn’t dare to compete in the art of parking with this driver.”

TanBiitches / Via twitter.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: Aimee_P_R / twitter.com