1. Socks for someone who loves anything and everything related to Disney princesses.


Promising review: These socks are like sunshine and happiness emitting from my very soul! I’m pretty sure they are made from tiny, fluffy little magical bunnies because the softness is unexplainable! Not even a basket full of fluffy kittens can compare to the unexplainable cuteness of these socks! Brandy Peterson

Price: $14.88

2. A mist that keeps your face from looking super shiny, sets makeup, and provides SPF 50 protection.


Promising review: I was caught in a bad storm last night without an umbrella and my eye makeup didn’t budge. I was the cutest drowned rat on the street. J. Walker

Price: $12

3. A truly dope backless one-piece.


Promising review: Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the suit. I’ve been wearing mine for swim and as a bodysuit / tank top all summer long. Very cheeky bottoms, so this is for sure not a family bbq outfit, but it’s a cute look for less conservative situations. MJB

Price: $8.85+

4. A petite slow cooker that costs less than $10 (seriously!).


Promising review: After having a 6.5 quart model for so long (and still do, it just makes too much food), I bought two of these. Just the right size for individual dishes! I make black beans in one and rice in the other, or a meat dish in one and a potato dish in the other. No longer does my slow-cooked food have to meld together and turn to mush! The size is big enough to feed 2-3 people. They’re so inexpensive that you can buy a few and keep them going all day. I still bust out my big one once in a while… but every week I reach for these. Right now, I have a 7 bean soup going in one and a braised lamb dish in the other. It’s going to be epic! DenisBaldwin

Price: $7.69

5. A treatment to help strengthen hair that’s been dyed a LOT.


Promising review: I have bleach blonde long hair. I am always looking for a magical product to improve my hair’s texture and consistency. Since I color my hair, you gals know what a pain in the butt keeping your hair looking luscious is like, and this is a product that will do that. I wet my hair down and lather it up with this and let it sit overnight. When I wash it out in the morning, my hair feels like it’s never been touched by chemicals or heat. I am in love with this stuff. Chance4eva

Price: $25.99

6. A Gulpy water bottle for keeping your pooch hydrated during hikes or trips to the park.


Promising review: Living in the hot and humid southeast, staying hydrated is a must. Our 5 month old black Labrador really needs a cool drink on our walks in the summer heat. We limit our walks to the coolest times of the day, however pup can still get overheated easily. The Gulpy is easy to use, it isn’t fussy or cumbersome, and our pup took right to it! I like that I can control the amount of water dispensed, with a squeeze of the bottle, so very little water is wasted. The size of the drinking tray is generous enough for larger breeds, which is another great feature. We keep it filled and in the fridge, so it’s always ready for walks. CandyO

Price: $9.89

7. A book of vouchers to give to your lover.


Promising review: These are great! Unlike other books which are just ‘sexual’ coupons, this one has a wide variety and many of them are things you WISH your spouse would do. I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday and this is his favorite gift out of everything I got him and that’s saying a lot. Amazon Customer

Price: $9.25

8. A daily moisturizer that won’t make your skin feel greasy (thank goodness).


Promising review: I use this daily. I love that it moisturizes and protects my skin from the sun. The best thing is that it absorbs quickly, never leaves my face oily, and I’ve never had a breakout using this product. This moisturizer only takes about a minute to fully absorb. Once absorbed, I apply my foundation and the rest of my makeup. There has never been an issue with foundation streaks, dry spots, oily spots, etc. shade

Price: $11.36

9. An oh-so-satisfying scrub that’ll get all the dead skin off your face.


Promising review: I bought this from my local Japanese Market (Nijiya) on a whim. Wow, it works great! I’m amazed at the results. All this dead skin starts pilling and rubbing off in seconds!!! I just used my fingers to apply and rub in circles, and in 2 seconds, I got clumps of loose stuff: kind of gross, but grossly satisfying. And there’s no need to rub hard because it’s effective on its own. I focused on my T-zone and chin where I’m oily. My cheeks get less stuff sloughing off. Fresh pleasant smell, exfoliates faster and easier and it’s not sticky, doesn’t mat into my baby hairs the way Cure Aqua Gel does. Rinses clean. No filmy residue. And my skin looks and feels great. I’m hooked! MeowsMe

Price: $11.80

10. A two-piece bathing suit that’ll make you feel like a retro pinup girl.


Promising review: I bought this swimsuit after reading TONS of reviews. I will say that it is EXACTLY what I was expecting. It’s adorable, great quality for the price, and super stylish. Rachel Roberts

Price: $7.99+

11. A “millipede” to help you yank all the gunk up and out of your drain.


Promising review: It will pull up large globs of hair and other gross stuff easily. Doing this about once a month lets me avoid standing ankle deep in water when I take a shower in the morning. For the price, it is definitely worth a shot. Jon Comtois

Price: $5.96

12. A romantic pair of keychains to share with the one you love.


Promising review: These are seriously about the cutest couple keychain set I’ve seen. I’m so excited to give them to my boyfriend. Great App!!!!

Price: $11.99

13. A watch that’s classy AF *and* waterproof.


Promising review: I really love this watch. It is so simple and sophisticated and so far I am really happy with the quality. The leather is soft and does not seem like it will start to crack and peel like some cheap bands do. IAH

Price: $16.99

14. A set of twelve sheet masks with a variety of different scents (cucumber, pomegranate, tea tree, etc.) and uses (soothing, refining, brightening, etc.).


Promising review: I like to use these when I am in the shower after washing my face and my pores are nice and open and clean. My skin always feels so soft afterwards. These are great and I will be buying this 12 pack regularly Stephanie Smith

Price: $10.72

15. A Yellow Submarine mug that reveals the Beatles in the portholes when you pour in a hot liquid.


Promising review: My youngest daughter went nuts over this gift. She’s a huge Beatles fan and one of her friends had gotten this some time ago and she thought there was no way she’d ever have one. Well, dad saved the day and she can hardly wait to use it. Stephen Underwood

Price: $17.95

16. Inexpensive, flower-shaped string lights to decorate your bed frame—or even a mirror—in your room.


Promising review: I hung these on a mirror like in the picture, and they look AMAZING! I love the different settings (blinking, always on). They are also the perfect nightlight for a baby or child! Katie Maranto

Price: $3.93

17. An acrylic cosmetic organizer with over ten different compartments.


Promising review: My bathroom looked like crap before: makeup everywhere, messy drawers, losing track of my stuff. I buy this thing and BAM! -everything is organized and elegant-looking. Looks like a damn professional makeup studio in there now! Saba Nigiri

Price: $11.99



Promising review: These gel pens are perfect! The coloring book craze among adults has claimed me as well. I struggled with colored pencils as the lead kept breaking. Crayons were too clumsy and I was never happy with the color quality, Then I tried gel pens. The flow was great, and they worked well in the intricate designs. The color is what I love the most. The nibs are very fine, reaching in the tightest, smallest details of the picture. I highly recommend these pens. miselaineous

Price: $25.98

19. A tray to bring your watching-Netflix-in-bed situation to the next level.


Promising review: I really like this. It’s perfect for my needs, as a desk for my Chromebook, for coloring, and as a tray for my chair or sitting up in bed. The adjustable top is great for coloring and tablet use, and the built-in pad on the right keeps my cell phone from sliding off. There’s also a slot to stand up your phone, and a small drawer on the side for pens or a stylus. The tray is very attractive and I love the silky smooth finish. I looked at a lot of other options before purchasing this one. Amazon Customer

Price: $39.86

20. The most adorable planter you’ve ever seen.


Promising review: Bought this for my friend’s new office desk. He loves it! It’s super cute and he was able to fit a small succulent in it. Stephanie

Price: $9.99

21. A cheap pair of wireless headphones that actually work.


Promising review: I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort of these. For the price that you are paying, you are getting a fantastic value. The sound quality is clear. I jumped a foot high when my son tapped me on the shoulder because I had not heard him walk up. Apparently he had been calling my name repeatedly and instead had to tap me on my shoulder to get my attention. I am generally very sensitive to headphones and I wore these for two hours and did not find any discomfort. They sat in my ears with ease. I had no trouble connecting them to my phone. As for recommendation to others? For sure! This product is fabulous! Orleana P.

Price: $19.99

22. A tin of bandages that definitely isn’t as loathsome as a toad.


Promising review: The best gift ever for members of my book club. Everybody thought it was beyond clever. One member said, ‘It makes me want to go home and cut my finger, just so I can use one of these.’ (She didn’t.) It was certainly the conversation piece of the evening. linda harris

Price: $7.06

23. A balm for bearded folk who want to soften, shape, style, or condition their facial hair.


Promising review: Excellent product. I’ve been a bearded gentleman near on 46 years. When my hair color faded into white some years ago, I noticed my beard required more and more attention for a satisfactory appearance. This year I realized that my beard was becoming uncharacteristically ‘wiry’ and coarse. I knew my beard needed help, but where to turn? Folks with white beards often report their beards ‘yellowed’ by beard oils and balms. I was dreading the trial and error process needed to find the right product. A trusted friend recommended Liberty. When I mentioned my yellowing fears he said, ‘Liberty puts the premium in Premium Grooming products. You’ll discover satisfaction, not trouble.’ He was right as rain. Within the first week of using Liberty Beard Balm, my wife and I noticed a remarkable improvement in my beard’s look and feel. No yellowing, no waxy build-up, no smell; just a whiff of scent I describe as fresh and my wife describes as manly. Daily beard grooming is a joy once again. SloMoZy

Price: $18.99

24. A minimalist planner that may help you be more organized in 2017.


Promising review: Great little planner that does the job without looking frilly or too ‘leather-bound’. It has just the right amount of space for planning and agendas, with some helpful pages containing useful information, like conversion tables. The perfect size and weight: I can throw it in my purse or backpack. It’s also durable. There are multiple thick pages of plastic to keep the planner somewhat water resistant, though these pages are located at the front and are not in the way when quickly flipping to that day. Alex

Price: $15.95

25. A bonsai-shaped lamp for anyone who can’t manage to keep an actual bonsai tree alive.


Promising review: My tree is perfect! I love it! The branches are bendable and you shape it however you like! The lights are bright and it’s the perfect centerpiece. Amazon Customer

Price: $26.99

26. Sticky notes that’ll definitely come in handy when finals roll around.


Promising review: I love these! I’m a college student who takes notes a lot, and these are perfect for using on rented textbooks (which you can’t write in). The tabs are nice and there’s just enough space on each paper to put down important information. Nice thick paper that’s sticky from one edge to about halfway to the other edge, so it stays on pretty well. maria17

Price: $5.52