My sister once threw a tantrum because she couldn’t climb into the snake enclosure at the zoo. She said they looked lonely.
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My daughter has a meltdown every time we play with her dolls because I can’t make four different voices at the same time. She screams and cries because there’s just one doll talking and not all four.
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My 2-year-old brother throws a tantrum every day because he wants us to buy more bandaids.
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My son had a nuclear meltdown because he wanted water in the green cup and I gave him water in the green cup.
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My sister threw an hour-long tantrum because she couldn’t bring her hamster to our grandmother’s funeral.
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My nephew flipped because he couldn’t fake burp.
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But I don’t want to leave the horsies!
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For about a year my daughter sobbed every time we got our mail because the door to the building opened from the right and she wanted it to open from the left.
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I teach preschool and two of my 3-year-olds got into a HEATED argument because they thought only one of them could like onions. There was sobbing. Rage. Tears. All over onions.
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My daughter had a meltdown because she didn’t have six fingers on one hand.
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I was playing pretend doctor with my 3-year-old daughter when I put an imaginary bandaid on her arm. She yelled at me that it was the wrong kind, then ripped off the imaginary bandaid and threw it away.
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My daughter had a 15-minute meltdown once because her brother’s name has more letters in it than hers.
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My son flipped out because he tried to eat a piece of candy and a piece of broccoli at the same time, and they tasted bad together.
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Our little girl cried because her jeans had buttons. That’s how we discovered that she’s afraid of buttons.
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My son cried for 20 minutes because I didn’t let him climb onto the kitchen table.
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I took the 3-year-old girl I was babysitting to the zoo. We were looking at the elephants when she got mad at me and cried for two hours because she wanted to see “real elephants.”
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My granddaughter pulled out all the Tupperware from the cabinet, then melted down because there wasn’t any more to pull out.
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My 2-year-old had a 30-minute tantrum because I wouldn’t let her touch the cat poop in the litter box.
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My almost 2-year-old daughter had a fit once because she couldn’t keep a Ziploc bag on her foot.
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I’m a nanny of a 3-year-old who had a meltdown — I’m talking devastated crying — because her brother’s car window had poop on it and hers didn’t.
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My daughter bawled because she didn’t want me to get wet — I was taking a shower.
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