1. This ruined childhood memory
Ma snapchat patter is just choons n drug references @smuglyfe

2. This Radiohead tribute act
one way to get a good signal at T in the Park Being oot yer nut at T

3. The Halloween outfit
My brothers halloween costume @jadehawe82

4. This frustrated girlfriend
FIFA is clearly more important imgur.com

5. This nan
A canny stop laughing at pg snapchat @rhysminnock

6. This creative message
Snap chat from my sister @stacerbell02

7. This dog in a taxi @lewis_hunter10

8. This badass wee sister
wee sister is acc my favourite person ever @danielleniclex

9. This beautiful T in the Park facepaint
he woke up like that Being oot yer nut at T

10. This is a joke @Scottish_Tweets

11. This mum
never add ma maw on snapchat @karycedodds

12. Yeah,this is true.
This guy is the emoji imgur.com