1. Let’s start with some unrefined shea butter to soften you up.


Promising review: “Works great, not greasy, gritty, or grimy feeling. I use it on my tattoos and rough skin areas and it works perfectly without having to add anything. I love the fact it is all natural, no additives of any kind.” -Sherry H.

Price: $13.25 // Rating: 4.7/5

2. This fabulous foot cream for tender tootsies.


Promising review: “I used to get my foot cream at the big box beauty stores and this is so much better for less money. This lotion is the creamiest, smoothest most hydrating one I have ever used and I have looked high and low! It is thick, so just a dab works great, and my skin just drinks it in.” -Jynx

Price: $11.99 // Rating: 4.7/5

3. An intensive hand cream that will fix even the most pitiful paws.


Promising review: “If you have never tried this hand cream, you must! It is so luxurious and makes dry hands feel so soothed and soft. It has a delicious herbal smell!” -StephanieB

Price: $20.00 // Rating: 4.7/5

4. Try this facial brush for a mini massage.


Promising review: “The bristles are super soft and gentle on my skin, which is great since I do have sensitive and temperamental skin. My face is noticeably softer and my complexion is getting more even with every use!” -Amazon Customer

Price: $27.97 // Rating: 4.3/5

5. Try a long-handled exfoliating brush for hard-to-reach areas.


Promising review: “This product is amazing and it does exactly what it states if you follow the directions. I have only been using it for about a week and I can already feel a difference in my skin.” -Jodi Goldberg

Price: $16.97 // Rating: 4.5/5

6. A body scrub to help wash your blues away.


Promising review: “This scrub works great, I noticed a difference immediately and was impressed how smooth and soft my skin was after exfoliating, not dried out like other scrubs. Highly recommend!” -Katrin

Price: $12.95 // Rating: 4.2/5

7. Don’t forget a lip scrub that keeps your pout pristine.


Promising review: “For over a year I had very dry and chapped lips that could not be soothed by anything. I tried all sorts of lip balms, scrubs and coconut oil and had given up finding something that would help. I noticed improvement immediately after using this scrub. I use it once a day and my lips have never been smoother!” -Kindle Customer

Price: $13.73 // Rating: 4.4/5

8. And follow up with a beloved lip (and more) moisturizer.


Promising review: “Ever since I started using this salve, my lips have transformed! I also use this on my face to smooth out dry spots. I’ll even use this on my eyebrows sometimes as a primer. This stuff is truly multi-use, and it’s so affordable! I’m not even close to halfway finished with my first tin, and it’s been half a year.” -jen

Price: $6.50 // Rating: 4.5/5

9. Here’s a hydrating face mask for when you feel like pampering yourself.


Promising review: “I have very sensitive skin that frequently burns and becomes irritated when using other facial masks, but this mask didn’t irritate my skin at all! In fact, my skin was super soft afterwards.” -Jessica

Price: $15.19 // Rating: 4.6/5