Mariyam Ali

1.He bottle-feeds his wife’s killer.

2.“Sorry soldiers, shoes sold in pairs.”

3.Our bedroom. Two voices. I knock.

4.Born a twin; graduated only child.

5.“What’s your return policy on rings?”

6.Jumped. Then changed my mind.

7.Paramedics finished her text “…love you”.

8.Brought roses home. Keys didn’t fit.

9.“Wrong number”, says a familiar voice.

10.Selling parachute: never opened, slightly stained.

11.“Dad left. A flag came back.”


Like any regular day, Raj was sipping tea with his friends at a local tea stall. Everything was going normal, as usual.

All of a sudden, they heard a sound of an accident. Raj and his friends move forward to know the matter. They saw that a young boy slipped badly while riding his bike. He was helmet-less, so his head got injured very badly. The road was marked with red dots due to blood.

Meanwhile, a person on the left of Raj took out his mobile. Raj thought that the guy might call the ambulance, but that guy took a pic and opened WhatsApp. As Raj looked around, he saw many people doing the same. Somewhere, he felt ashamed and took the mobile out to call the ambulance.

People were not stepping towards the injured young boy. On other hand, Raj stepped close to that guy. His friends tried to stop him, but Raj didn’t listen to anyone and went to that guy.

Raj tried to stop the bleeding by his hankie. Meanwhile, an ambulance came. No one was ready to accompany the patient in the ambulance, so Raj did.

So far, the ambulance doctors started all necessary treatments. They connected the ECG machine to the patient’s body. The good news so far was that the patient was alive and the ECG pulse were weaving.

Meanwhile, a WhatsApp message buzzed. Raj checked the pocket of patient. It was a message from his mother.

The message read, “Please come soon home beta. -Love”

Raj looked at the young man’s face, and in the next moment, the ECG machine scanned a straight line.

A tear rolled out from Raj’s eye for an unknown son.

Hemantha Chowdary

Every night,

She pulled out a piggy bank from the back of her cupboard. And stuffed it with her day’s earning.

Little John wants to become a pilot and Mary wants to make robots.

So for their innocent yearnings,

She throws herself on the bidding scale and sells her soul to the highest bidder,

Everyday without fail.

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