Cory A. Martin

The smartest thing I ever did in an exam, was not take it. Literally, did not show up and never even made it up. Still got credit for it.

It was a philosophy course which was required for my degree. It was actually an amazing class and I loved it, but I was working 80 hours a week last summer, so I decided to not show up after four lessons or so, and just go to the exam, cause YOTO (you only test once).

Turns out the date was changed for the test, and since I didn’t go to class.. I showed up no one was in the room.

So panic set in pretty quick even though I rarely stress or panic. So what did I do?

I went to the computer lab ASAP. While I was sitting there, I wrote an essay something like 5 pages about the entire class and book (which I read for fun since it was a great book).

After finishing my essay, I wrote out a pretty good sized email explaining what happened, the reason I wasn’t attending class, and the essay attached to show I did understand the material and wasn’t just sitting at home eating Cheetohs and playing League of Legends.

Later the night, the professor emailed back that everything was “A-okay”. Literally like one sentence.

Checked the online blackboard, and was given a 90 for the test grade.

The closest I ever came to failing a really important class ever, and I still feel like sending that professor edible arrangements as often as possible.

Ravi Kumar Singh

Got 20 marks for writing “NO”!

While I was doing my engineering there was a subject Algorithm Design and Analysis and the professor who taught that subject was different from all the professors I have ever seen in my life. He used to ask very tricky questions in the examination.

Same was the case with the final exam, the question paper was very tricky and it took lot of time to solve each question, there were 5 questions of 20 marks each and I could barely solve 3 questions in 2 hours 55 minutes. I didn’t know anything about the 4th question so left it, same was with the 5th question.

I don’t exactly remember the question but it was something like “…….is it possible? If yes please prove it” Generally for these type of questions the answer is yes and then you have to do the long derivation (Since this was a 20 marks question) but I was running out of time and out of frustration I just wrote “NO” as the answer and guess what it was correct! and I got 20 marks for just writing a NO.

P. S. I barely passed that subject and if I hadn’t written No there I would have failed.

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