1. This kid who ruined pizza night.

condefle / Via reddit.com

2. This milk hoarder

IjeomaOluo / Via twitter.com

3. These illiterate fools

katsu_kare_raisu / Via reddit.com

4. The puppy is paying attention though! Cute :)

dangerman008 / Via reddit.com

5. Can’t say I disagree.

diditwithyourmom / Via reddit.com

6. This guy who doesn’t grasp the freaking metric system yet.

keera_w / Via twitter.com

7. I’m thinking he’s more of a genius.

MyNamesKyIe / Via reddit.com

8. This kid thought that putting her head in a bucket was a good idea .

waffleste / Via reddit.com

9. This kid who obviously believes in Bitcoin.

adamcarriker94 / Via twitter.com

10. This little girl with a severely low IQ

MrHypnotiq / Via reddit.com

11. Wait, are they talking about me??

Kerbabble / Via reddit.com

12. This kid who dreams big

chocolat_ice_cream / Via reddit.com

13. This brainiac who played with…

trinadahlgren / Via twitter.com

14. This hungry idiot who definitely learned her lesson

RachBlackburn_ / Via twitter.com

15. This kid who wanted to be warm and cozy inside the oven.

seauxcocoa / Via twitter.com

16. This kid who knows how to keep expensive electronics safe.

phillyd / Via twitter.com

17. This selfish air thief

knowbuntu / Via twitter.com

18. This dumb niece who doesn’t understand permanent ink

htxraull / Via twitter.com

19. Madison, who can’t spot a pancake from a fu*king mile away.

kanm03 / Via twitter.com

20. This kid and his cold cuts

octopuscaveman / Via twitter.com

21. This kid who didn’t know about bats

tragicallyhere / Via twitter.com

22. This confused fool

fairfairisles / Via twitter.com

And this smug snitch who doesn’t understand the significance of points on your license and how it affects your car insurance premiums

wsbtv / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: waffleste / reddit