#1 “Human Uber” helps people to attend events remotely using the body of another person.

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#2 Certain subways in Japan give you a helping hand with your bike.

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#3 Speed trains here go super smoothly.

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#4 These movie tickets from the “Ghibli” museum are made of frames from different Ghibli movies.

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#5 The check-out counters in some Japanese bakeries can recognize items automatically and add up the total cost of the order.

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#6 Solar-powered Robot Wolves are protecting the crops of Japanese farmers.

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#7 Airports in Japan arrange luggage by color so that passengers can easily find their suitcase.

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#8 In Japan, they gave me a little milk mug for left and right-handed people alongside my coffee.

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#9 Figures of famous characters on store shelves often wear eye-catching clothes.

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#10 Some restaurants are really private in this country. The waiters here serve visitors without seeing them.

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#11 Some cafes in Tokyo clearly mark each customer’s space at the counter.

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#12 A sign in the Narita airport of Japan says “welcome to Japan” in English, while the Japanese text says “welcome back.”

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#13 Japanese employees, exhausted after work

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#14 Geodude was named the ambassador of Iwate Prefecture (part of an administrative district) in Japan.

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#15 Spas for Capybaras — the Japanese love them

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#16 There is a special button in some Japanese taxis that asks the driver go slower.

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#17 The Musashino Waste Plant in Japan has a diner where people can watch trash being processed.

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#18 Nara City is literally filled with deer who have taken over the area.

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Japanese people have never been ordinary and their life and culture are still of genuine interest to the whole world.

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