1. Penguin egg whites turn clear when boiled.

giveitago / Via reddit.com

2. This egg with no yolk.

fakingfears / Via reddit.com

3. One of my mother’s chickens laid an egg and tied it with a bow

chickenwrangler45 / Via reddit.com

4. This egg with an unbreakable yolk.

kjschoetty / Via reddit.com

5. One time one of my ducks laid a VERY small egg

VinceFromVinceWow / Via reddit.com

6. This egg in a different colored egg

Yburgrebnesor / Via reddit.com

7. Our chicken laid a large egg that had a smaller egg inside.

Bootspilotruski / Via reddit.com

8. These double-yolked eggs.

LunaLovelyBo*bs / Via reddit.com

9. This egg with an eye inside it.

reddit_adveturer / Via reddit.com

10. 3 double yolks but 1 turned into a string instead of a sphere.

wil8on / Via reddit.com

11. Came across this weird egg at work the other day.

darth_vadaxo / Via reddit.com

12. This wrinkly egg.

HenroKappa / Via reddit.com

13. One of my ducks laid a 3” egg. We decided not to eat the contents.

FlickGC / Via reddit.com

14. This soft egg.

fayepaige / Via reddit.com, buzzfeed.com

15. This reverse egg.

FredySpagetiWestside / Via reddit.com

16. This egg had a seam. It pulled apart perfectly at the join.

SmittenPears / Via reddit.com

17. My egg was mostly a perfect sphere

wolfblade227 / Via reddit.com

18. This Boomerang egg (all whites, no yolk)

mf1sh / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: chickenwrangler45 / reddit, reddit_adveturer / reddit