One neighbor used to piss all over the common breezeway and stairwells.
One time my husband caught him doing it, said “dude!” And then like 5 minutes later, the guy came back and peed on our front door.
He used to walk around wearing a wifebeater tank, board shorts, and a fedora. Really.

They stole my underwear off of my clothes line and left a note with their phone number under the peg as a replacement.

We lived in this house for about ten years – old neighbor rented it out after he moved.
It wasn’t long until we noticed they were just throwing the used baby diapers out their back door in a pile. It kept growing over a couple weeks, it was summer if you get the drift of it.
We called Code Enforcement after talking to them once ourselves.
The code guy said the whole house was filthy and they had an alligator in the basement. Thankfully they moved shortly after.

Every encounter I’ve ever had with them.
-The day my father, husband, and I came to look at the house after closing on it to start work before moving in, we were standing in the carport joking about my dad being the only one small enough to fit under there. The woman (we will call her Tess) who lives next door appeared at the fence line and matter of factly informed me they had some “pretty small people” on their side of the fence if I needed them.

-Through a horrific chain of events I had a dog that got into any poison and sadly passed away. I was upset enough over the whole situation as I dug a joke in my back yard. And there was Tessa at the fence to tell me if I fed the dead dog some eggs mixed with heavy cream it would help get the poison from its system. She went on to tell me she was a vet tech, owned her ok construction crew, and was a painter all in the same convo. (I later have learned she is on disability)

-Came home on lunch one afternoon to find Tessa’s boyfriend cutting big sticks into little sticks and burning them in a barrel. When I came home 4 hours later he was still there. When my husband came home 3 hours after that he was still there. It was later discovered he was smoking pot and thought the smoke from his stick fire would cover the scent. (It did not)

-They have been having a yard sale since I moved in. Quite literally they just have yard sale signs up and down the street and useless junk sitting out. It has rain on all of the stuff yet it still sits out there with a “yard sale sign” taped up.

-Just this past Friday Tessa and her boyfriend got married in their yard. But not before building a haphazard arch and nailing a tarp to the back for a backdrop. And yes, they had their wedding right next to the yard sale stuff.

-It’s the best security system you could get. They don’t want the police around so they don’t let anyone “shady” close to my house.

We had put some grass trimmings in our compost bin which picks up every other week. We were also on vacation the week they came. So it was sitting out for a while – and we knew probably didn’t smell great.
Neighbors come over and complain we have a gas leak. I panic as I take that very seriously. Utilities come out and nothing wrong.
Our compost bin (and trash) are outside on side of our house.
Wife eventually comes over and says “I wonder if you have a mold problem or something.” I flat out say “listen I’m sorry – it’s probably our compost. We missed a pick up.”
She says “I don’t know. It smells really bad. I think it’s something else.” I say no no it’s the compost. She says:
“Can I come smell it?”
“Suuuure…you can come smell our trash…”
She could’ve just said “hey neighbor – this really smells and is coming in our house. Can you move it?”
But no – first it’s a gas leak and now she’s smelling my trash.
Same woman who went into her other neighbors house while they were being foreclosed on. But they lived there still. I asked her “isn’t that breaking and entering?” “No – my child was at risk because of how bad their lawn was.”

Image Credit: Google Images