1. This person who didn’t completely finish an e-mail to their professor

CBMSt1 / Via twitter.com

2. This student who just about has had enough of maths ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

SCBeauty / Via reddit.com

3. This student who forgets their class so often, that their teacher made a public sign for them

internetcaffeine / Via reddit.com

4. This student who had to sit through this class

jasonreid1976 / Via reddit.com

5. This student who just wanted to finish a group assignment

martyn_dobbin / Via twitter.com

6. This student who spilled a drink right before class

My Monster exploded on my lap in the car and is all sticky. I went into school looking like I peed myself. How was your morning?
Connems_rc / Via reddit.com

7. Ripped my pants in class and had to wait out the next 2 hours like this…

MiscreatedG / Via reddit.com

8. This student who has to FaceTime their teacher whenever they leave the room

uknowJam / Via twitter.com

9. This person who hates leaving their dog every morning for multiple hours a day

Bobbutterbutt / Via twitter.com

10. This student who risked 35% of their grade because they didn’t proof read

sophiaswimgirl / Via twitter.com

11. The students who got this sent to them by their teacher via AirDrop

I’m a teacher. Today I changed the name of my phone and AirDropped this to students whose phones were visible during class.
WaltWhitesHat / Via reddit.com

12. This student who couldn’t give a heck about haikus

BaconZombie / Via reddit.com

13. This student who just wanted to take a seat

UnicornRelish / Via reddit.com

14. This student who was supposed to build chairs out of cardboard for a school project

We had a project in our class where we were supposed to build chairs out of cardboard; this was the result of the first test of one of the groups
TheGoogolplex / Via reddit.com

15. This student who forgot their professor’s name

Zoeyoxley / Via twitter.com

16. The vegetarian students at this college

Yapoz / Via reddit.com

17. I got this from my school lunch today

ADNAP727 / Via reddit.com

18. This student who go trapped in the school restroom

AtmosphericStupidity / Via reddit.com

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