If you’re at the servo and you don’t say “just these thanks” when you put the stuff you’re buying on the counter they’re gonna think there’s heaps more sh*t you want.
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I have some horrifying information for Australians about how Americans think you’re supposed to pronounce Emu: they say “ee-moo” I tell them how to actually say it “ee-mew” and theyre like How Dare you tell me i’m wrong
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Why do people in America have to insist they know a place where the good coffee is. I promise you it is not good
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Me: can i take my keep cup on the bus?
Melbourne friend: it’s melbourne, you can take your keep cup to funerals and they have a barista
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Who will let me make an Australian version of derry girls called durry girls
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I just found out that loads of Australians call slides “slippery dips”.
Fu*k you people are weird
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before I put any pair of shoes on I make sure there isn’t any spiders inside is that Aussie culture or just me culture
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Gonna start carrying tongs in my car so when I don’t get close enough to drive thru ticket scanners, I don’t need to climb through the window or get out of the car and be judged by longer limbed people who got the proximity correct
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Australian humour:
“Do you think EB Games is having a sale?”
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I made a handy guide so Americans can understand weather reports in Celsius:

0 = Literally freezing
10 = Chilly
20 = Nice
30 = Hot
40 = Fu*k you
50 = Australia
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Trying not to throw up in my throat when Americans posts picture of themselves at the “beach” and it’s clearly a river bank or the shore of a lake. disgusting people
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Two types of people in this world:
1. The dude in front of me with $340 on his opal
2. Everyone else
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My favourite part about living in Australia is seeing over 30,000 Bats fly over your house every night
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Good morning everyone, it’s a bright and sunny saturday morning, i’ve just voted in the federal election, i am walking home, democracy sausage in hand, i am being stalked by the magpie in the tree behind me
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Where I’m from we don’t shake hands, we violently headbang to the tune of “fruit salad” by The Wiggles.
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