1. Caught a priceless picture today in the airport.

jamezzrichardson / Via reddit.com

2. My roommates mom works at an airport. Today she got to meet Santa’s little helper.

Allycat2178 / Via reddit.com

3. Nothing, not even travel, should change your habits.

REVSdocent / Via imgur.com

4. A friend came across this at London Heathrow airport. How did they get through the metal detector?

MrPrestige / Via reddit.com

5. She must be waiting to board the 10:15 zeppelin to Siam.

nrubin999 / Via reddit.com

6. A friend of mine saw this traveler and his falcons at Doha Airport in Qatar.

MyNameIsntPatrick / Via reddit.com

So my friend is in an airport in Morocco and sees these guys trying to buy seats on a plane to Switzerland for their falcons

glatts / Via reddit.com

7. Asleep on the floor at the Atlanta airport @ 3AM. I hope you see your girl soon.

jaschen / Via reddit.com

8. When benches are too hard to sleep on at the airport.

gilear / Via imgur.com

9. Some of us role play.

mrodofficial / Via instagram.com

10. Welcoming someone home at the airport is so just romantic.

RedShotRonin / Via imgur.com

11. My foreign mom texted me “I saw Hog Hogun at Frankfurt airport and took a selfie with him”

SolomonMassey / Via reddit.com

12. Airport Raccoon

uxsmith / Via imgur.com

13. Rough day for a mom at the airport.


14. All shapes welcome at the Jacksonville airport bathroom.

vull / Via reddit.com

15. The best way to never lose luggage.

jew3lr0se / Via imgur.com

16. Annabelle, Lizzy and James Hembree hug Commander Joe Hembree in Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport on Sept. 29.

Anna Brugmann / Via yourobserver.com

17. Staying at the airport overnight, you’re doing it right.

wickedsmaht / Via reddit.com

18. Puppies got tired at the airport.

lukasplus / Via reddit.com

19. These guys waddled onto a flight at the Norfolk airport today.

spillpop / Via reddit.com

20. You will see some new and inventive sleeping positions.

extrabaconplease / Via imgur.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: Allycat2178 / Reddit, jamezzrichardson / reddit