1. Baby Jesus/Severed Thumb Christmas ornament

Blenderhead36 / Via reddit.com

2. Santa pants

DiscoHeaven / Via reddit.com

3. This Christmas decoration

juanprada / Via reddit.com

4. Not sure if Christmas or murder scene….

sunzenkashu / Via reddit.com

5. This mall Christmas tree

maxt0r / Via reddit.com

6. This nightmare of a Christmas ornament

payinthefidlr / Via reddit.com

7. Always nice to get a Christmas card from my son named Dad.

animalcule / Via reddit.com

8. This Christmas bag… from the side.

chrissilich / Via reddit.com

9. Terrible font choice on a Christmas book made me do a double-take.

Msktb / Via reddit.com

10. Oh FOX, you make treason sound so festive

TommBomBadil / Via reddit.com

11. Underpant Christmas ornaments

ProgVal / Via reddit.com

12. The bow on this horse’s rear that just doesn’t look great.

Lexpert1 / Via reddit.com

13. This holiday season, give thnaks

frequencity / Via reddit.com

14. This weirdly structured sign that makes Santa sound like he’s a horror movie antagonist.

ChiknNuget / Via reddit.com

15. This flyer that appears to show Santa peeing syrup onto a stack of pancakes.

terraclara / Via reddit.com

16. These Christmas lights

tuks6 / Via reddit.com

17. These reindeer are having more fun than me.

daniels26ian / Via reddit.com

18. And finally, the label of this hat that looks like it says “Santa Shat.”

iamitech / Via reddit.com

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