Learn how to pack lightly and just travel with carry-on.

The more aggressively someone is offering you a ride from the airport, the faster you should walk away.

Make photocopies of important documents

Don’t get diarrhea

I don’t sleep the night before a long flight. Then fall asleep on the plane. Lpt: neck support pillow is a must.

When it’s time to eat in Europe and you are in a crowded touristy area, walk away. In a short time, you will be in a residential and business neighborhood where the restaurants have genuine food at better prices.

Email yourself and a reliable friend/family member photos of your passport. It won’t suffice as a substitute for your actual passport, but can help to expedite things at the embassy. And also email yourself important phone numbers in case your phone gets stolen/lost/dies and you need to contact someone.

• If you have lots of electronics, bring a power strip and just one plug converter. This is much cheaper than buying lots of plug converters, and definitely easier than sharing a plug converter among many devices.
• Make sure you know the local scams, if you’re going to a big tourist destination. Wikitravel is pretty good for this.
• Pack at least one full change of clothing in your carry-on. Having the airline lose your luggage on an international flight sucks.
• Check your mobile roaming fees and limitations before you go. It may be cheaper to find a place to buy a local SIM card at your destination.
• If you have a long layover and don’t have the miles to get into an airline lounge for free, you can usually pay some amount to get into one. It’s worth every penny.
• Join the airline’s mile program. Even if it’s your first time flying international, there may be perks like priority boarding.
• Tell your bank that you’re traveling so they don’t lock your cards for “fraud.”

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• Ticket Buying: Put your browser into incognito mode. Sites use your cache to see that you are checking flights and can/will raise the rates.
• Search for flights mid-week: Weekend to weekend flights are almost always going to be higher. Book on a Tuesday either in the afternoon or around midnight.
• Check Google Flights: It will give you an awesome breakdown on the calendar showing when it is cheapest to fly. You can also look for flights by region alone so you can see if you can get a cheaper flight to a different country/airport.
• Hotel Booking: Check multiple sites and look for coupon codes. A lot of booking sites will have codes that are $50+ off for a certain number of nights/days.
Check the hotel directly after searching the booking sites. A lot of hotels will either match or have MUCH better rates than the booking sites. Also note that when you book directly through the hotel instead of a booking site, you are more likely to be able to request an upgrade/have a better room because they are not losing money through the fees they get charged on the sites.
• Tell the hotel that you are celebrating something: By telling the hotel you are there for an occasion (honeymoon, babymoon, birthday, anniversary, etc.) they see that you are wanting to spend a special time at their hotel/resort and will be more willing to throw in some extras.
• Check your phone carriers international plans: You never know when you will need to use your phone. Last thing you want is to be charged up the a*s for calls/data because you didn’t select a plan.

Have lots of money

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