Here are the are five mantras that have saved me quite a few dollars.

1. Use Credit/Prepaid Card

Avoid exchanging currency for as long as you could. Your bank would charge a lower rate of commission compared to what you would pay to the Money changer.

2. Choose destination accordingly

Flying to somewhere like Paris would be much more expensive than flying to Brussels. If you aren’t racing against the time, choose the alternate airport and take a bus or train to your final destination.

3. Check Rome2Rio and GoEuro

These websites map out all available transportation options between two destinations. You would save a lot of money by finding the right option for the right price.

4. Utilize your privilege

If you are a student or a senior, most of the tourist attractions have a discounted or a free ticket for you. Always carry the proof of identification to get a great deal.

5. Free guided tours

Don’t go for the overpriced tours. Many cities offer free walking tours. Just google them for the destination you are visiting. You can also use apps like Field Trip.

Travel is the only luxury on which you could save money!

Via Kanwal Anuvind, Quora / Image Credit: Internet