Recently Twitter user @glojulian prompted folks to share their unpopular liquor and there were some really interesting thoughts.

Sweet wine shouldn’t exist. like at all.
_ShrimpTshingy / Via

Tequila slaps. Y’all just weak. After the 3rd shot you can’t even taste it
ItsNot_BRANDON / Via


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Being a light weight is a good thing. Alcohol taste bad, if I can get fu*ked up faster than you, perfect cuz that’s the goal.
Tr1zz / Via

If you’re invited to a BYOB and you bring your sh*tty wine, sit down and drink your sh*tty wine.
Don’t go pouring yourself other people’s good liquor.
Sab__G / Via

Any bottle of wine priced above $30 is a scam
mriandavis / Via

There is literally not a 1 alcohol that tastes “good”. It all tastes like poison. Not up for discussion.
whoiskhadir / Via

Vodka is the worst of the main liquors.
VogtNick / Via

Wine drunk is waaaay better than taking shots of hard liquor
ElleBreaunn / Via

Being tipsy is better than being drunk
sarlabous_xo / Via

You already planned to do all the sh*t you did while you were drunk before you got drunk
wuuurrkkk / Via

MOSCATO>>>>>>>> other peasant wines
xNAisa / Via

Mixing Hennessy and moscato ( same cup) is surprisingly delicious.
Jwalk35_ / Via

Flavored beer is trash.
Gogontle_Gugu / Via

Crown taste wayyyyy better than henny
FlawlessArmani / Via

Wine(most) is hella nasty.
sarcasticalei_ / Via

Taking shots is disgusting
_Mierkattt / Via

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