Me: I’m vegetarian
Meat eating people: you must eat rabbit food
Me: *eats pizza, 2 icecreams, Mac n cheese sandwich, and a pina colada* @itskayleep

2. When you’re the only vegetarian at thanksgiving @pizzavibesxx

People: “Wow you must eat so healthy because you’re a vegetarian!”
Me: “I’ve been living off of peanut butter and hummus for 1487 days” @JakeMcl12

4. This is our life summed up in one picture @probs_veggie

“how do you not eat meat lol”

①. don’t put meat in your mouth
②. done
③. that’s literally it
④. its not that deep fam @theveganqueen

6. when ur a vegetarian n u gotta find an alternate source of protein @savvvy_g

7. At a restaurant and realizing there’s nothing you can eat @thatssoveg

8. When people talk about how much they hate salad they always look at me and say sorry.. Like it offends me. @VegetarianProbs

Me: I love being vegetarian but should really try for vegan Me to me: eat the cheese @heyitsaustin6

10. The list of protein sources that meat eaters think are available to me @thatssoveg

11. When you’re vegetarian and eat meat and someone calls you out for it @cody_berg4

Me: mom, dad, I’m a vegetarian now
*what my parents hear* @ortega_brianda

“i don’t eat meat”
“do you eat fish?”
what did i jus say @nebuIousness

14. Vegans/vegetarians/ health freaks have probably never seen anything so perfect @LazyHumour

relatives: so how do you do christmas dinner when you’re vegetarian?
me: just don’t eat the meat
relatives: @laurentamsin

16. “This is as much a treat for me as it is for you” – Danielle, a vegetarian, at a steakhouse (surrounded by sides) @xpatriciah

*has a fever*
“it’s your vegetarianism!”
*feels tired*
“it’s your vegetarianism!”
“it’s your vegetarianism!” @Veggie_Probz_

me, deflecting criticism of my diet: Being vegetarian is healthy

also me: an entire tub of vegan mayonaise still has 0 cholesterol @Skrampo

19. so i met a nutritionist today. oh wait, never mind it was just another person that instantly became one when i mentioned i was a vegetarian @VegetarianIssue

20. #vegprobs @CharlotteEscami

21. “I was vegetarian….for like, a day.” @thatssoveg

22. Bringing your own veggie burger to a cookout… @VegetarianProbs

23. Biting into my @tacobell burrito as a vegetarian without opening the burrito up first to check if there isn’t any meat is real trust. @elielcruz

24. [First date] Claire:”I’m vegetarian.” Me:”Oh, wow. Me too.” Waiter:”How would you like your steak, sir?” Me:”Put back on the cow.” @stephenjmolloy